Friday, February 3, 2012

I Am Positively Late Night Stampers 1000th member!

I posted this on my Stampin' Up! blog yesterday during lunch....but forgot to update this blog site until today's lunch! 


I am continuing my regular blog posts starting tonight, with the first scheduled one for this month.  However, I have some awesome news, and couldn't wait to share it, so I thought I'd toss in this quick post on my lunch break! 

I am Positively Late Night Stampers' 1000th member on Stampin' Connection!!!! 

What does this mean?
Stampin' Connection is an awesome social website for Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrators to use and share in the course of their business.  We have the ability to post our creations online to share.  One of the neatest aspects about this is that there's an option to type in the name of a certain stamp set, embellishment, or color, and then we get access to 100s, if not 1,000s of creations people have made using those specific products. 

Anyways, several of us have created groups for their downline members within Stampin' Up!, or for certain similarities or specialities that we would like to share.  I've been seeing the Positively Late Night Stampers making lots of posts lately, saying that once they reach their 1,000th member, they would like their members to send that person a card.  Well ----- I'm that person!  :)  I joined the group in the off chance I might get close to 1,000 (never dreaming it would actually happen), but mainly so I could send that 1,000th member a card - and be part of a neat and special group that seems to care for its members, and really want to help them out in their Stampin' Up! business. 

So, shortly, I'll have tons more fodder for blog postings to share with you guys.  How exciting is that!  Plus, I don't normally get a lot of mail (unless you include all the junk mail offers I just can't seem to get my name off of), so this'll be a really special surprising treat over the next few weeks, and some members send me a card through the mail. 

I'm so looking forward to all the ideas, and all the new friend connections I'll be making with this reward!

Thanks to Sherrill Graff, and all the Positively Late Night Stampers for making this happen!

Happy Stamping!

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