Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pick a Free Project Kit - New Recruits

Ever considered joining up with Stampin' Up!, even if it's just for a great new offer?  Well, through August 31, 2013, Stampin' Up! is offering a doozy for all it's new recruits.  Join by 8/31/13, and you will get to choose 1 kit from 4 different project kits to add on to your regular starter kit ($99.00) for NO extra charge!  That's a kit full of product worth up to $29.90 for free!

See the details:

Kit Options:
The first three project kits are from the holiday catalog and the last option is from the annual catalog.
OptionKit DescriptionItemTotal Value
Build a Banner Simply Created Kit AND
Halloween Banner Simply Created Accessory Kit
Build a Banner Simply Created Kit AND
Christmas Banner Simply Created Accessory Kit
Thankful Tablescape Simply Created Kit133463
Tag a Bag Bundle AND
Tag a Box Bundle

Not sure what it would take to be a Demonstrator?  It's actually MUCH easier than you think, and there's no cancellation fees or hassle if you decide you don't want to quit.  For the join fee of $99, you actually get over $190 worth of product.  Add the $29.90 of one of the most expensive kits you receive for free by joining this month, and that's $219.90 worth of product for joining - for only the starter kit price of $99.00.  That's awesome!  And even if you decide staying a demonstrator isn't for you - you can still remain a Demonstrator for 3 months with no restrictions, and then another 3 months at a pending status.  (Still no extra fees imposed on you.)  During those 6 months, you still get all the great access to the Demonstrator website, with all of it's ideas, help, promotions, etc., as well as access to Stampin' Up!'s EXCLUSIVE demonstrator-only social website - which is chock-full of pictures, videos, and forums to discuss anything Stampin' Up! with fellow demonstrators.  After 6 months access to all that - I can't see you WANTING to drop or cancel your demonstratorship, but again, there's absolutely no fees against you if you decide to go through with it.  :) 

Here's a little something I wrote several blog entries back about deciding what type of demo you might like to be:

Hobby Demonstrators - You enjoy the rewards that Stampin' Up! offers as a demo, but you don't plan to make Stampin' Up your full-time job. You earn extra money at your convenience.

Discount Demonstrator - You like the fact that you can receive a 20% discount (or more) as a demonstrator - and that's all you're in it for.

Seasonal Demonstrator - You work hard to achieve certain goals or raise certain amounts of money during the year, so you can maintain your demo status year-round.

Career Demonstrator - You manage your demonstratorship as your job. You're in it for keeps, and to earn money.

I hope you'll give the thought of being a new demonstrator a thought!  Please contact me for more information, or to join, today!

Thanks and Happy Stamping!

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