Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014

Happy New Year!  Here's to hoping everyone experiences a new year full of love, happiness, and peace!

Just to let you know of one of Stampin' Up!'s ongoing promotions right now - take a peek at the sale going on in our current Clearance Rack - items up to 80% off their original cost!  I don't know about you, but the holidays hit me hard, so any savings I can get, I take advantage of.

(Stampin' Up!'s blog site isn't letting me upload any pictures or links today - they must be on vacation!  So bear with me on the ugly post.)

To see the items on the Clearance Rack, head to my official Stampin' Up! blog at  Click the "Products" > "Shop Now" buttons, and it will take you directly to the online store via my website.  (This gets you a discount for having "chosen" a demonstrator, rather than ordering directly from  Just click the large "Clearance Rack Blitz" banner at the top of the page that comes up.

Hope you all had a very, Merry Christmas, and have an even better New Year!  Please check back in the upcoming weeks for more blog postings on some great Stampin' Up! promotions.  Once I follow through with my New Years' Resolutions, I should be getting lots of new blog postings and pretty eye candy for you to look at!

Happy Stamping!

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