Friday, April 20, 2012

Leadership 2012 - 03

Leadership was seriously one of the most inspiring events I've ever attended - for any job.  And, it wasn't just like any other old boring office meeting, it was fabulously fun at the same time!  One of the neatest things was getting to actually see Shelli Gardner - one of the founders of Stampin' Up! - up close. 

The theme for this year is "My Way", which you can see here in this picture of Shelli.

Here she is, as she first came on stage. 

My upline, Judy Garza, is the best!  She and her upline, Barbara, got us 5th row seats for the first day!  How awesome was that?

And ok - maybe my camera & timing skills aren't the best, even at 5th row seating - but I had a blast taking pictures of this fabulously inspiring and encouraging woman.

I think I was super-excited here - because they were passing out freebies!  Free stamp set?  Why, yes - SURE!

This was my attempt to get the entire auditorium full of demonstrators.  We ended up having the largest Leadership turnout EVER!  Go San Antonio!  :)

We got to walk the stage if we'd had title promotions during the year.  Judy got a picture of me walking (which I'll have to steal off her blog and post sometime), but I (barely) got a picture of my sideline, Nyla Kelley.  Go Nyla!

Want to attend Leadership next year?  It was a blast and you'll see a number of exciting new ideas and products.  Contact me, and join my team!

Happy Stamping,

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